Fantastic geometric risograph prints (via Sigrid Calon)

04.19.14 @ 15:14

Cake Topping Grid (via Present&Correct)

02.22.14 @ 14:25

Cake Topping Grid (via Present&Correct)

02.22.14 @ 14:18

(via Charlotte Mann | Walls)

02.18.14 @ 10:22


Boy Scouts of America Graphic Arts Merit Badge.. “The field of graphic arts includes many kinds of work in the printing and publishing industries. Graphic arts professionals are involved in the creation of all kinds of printed communication, from business cards to books to billboards. The scope of printing communications is huge.”

01.06.14 @ 10:30106


01.04.14 @ 10:3014


Anticipation is EVERYTHING. So unwrap a gift AND more AND more. Because  just like with a Ford that has layers of style AND capability, AND Is Better.
Photography by Dave Graw

01.03.14 @ 10:3038814


From a collection of endpaper maps

01.01.14 @ 10:3051